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Hiekkasärkkien Majoituspalvelut Oy - Booking conditions

Updated 3.3.2020

Hiekkasärkkien Majoituspalvelut Oy complies with the requirements of the accommodation services accommodation booking services in the following terms. These terms are binding for both parties, when the customer has made the accommodation reservation.

Making up the person must be of legal age. With the exception of new year's Eve and Midsummer's bookings, the person who makes the reservation must be at least 21 years old and also stay in the cabin the whole time of the reservation. Accommodation cannot be reserved on behalf of another person.

1. Reservation and payment

Booking is confirmed when the customer has paid the advance payment (30% of the accommodation price) + delivery fee of 12 € confirmation by the due date. The final payment due date is not later than 21 days before the beginning of the holiday.If you make the reservation less than 21 days before your trip, only one invoice will be sent to, which includes both the advance payment together with the final payment.

Unless you pay the invoice by the due date, Hiekkasärkkien Majoituspalvelut Oy can unilaterally cancel the reservation and return the item for sale. Unless you cancel your reservation and the item remains unsold (which is not cancelled in writing), the price of the accommodation will charged from the customer that hasn´t arrived.

The customer will receive invoice and confirmation about the reservation which indicates the period of stay/cabin/price and the name of the customer.

Reservations made through a travel agency, you must bring the booking confirmation (voucher) from the travel agency.

2. Cancellation policy

The cancellation must be done in writing (email, fax or letter). Failure to pay the invoice is not sufficient reason for cancellation. Making your cancellation of reserved always cancellation charges 40 € + fee 12 €. If the cancellation is made at least 28 days before the beginning of the stay, advance payment is returned, with the exception of cancellation and office expenses.

If the cancellation is made 28-14 days before the beginning of the reservation the advance payment (30% share of the accommodation fee) will be withholded.

If the cancellation is made less than 14 days before the beginning of the stay and the cabin is not rented again for that time the customer has to pay the whole price of tha cancelled reservation. If the cancellation is due to the reason that the customer or person who lives in the same household suddenly gets sick, gets in a serious accident or death all payments will be returned, with the exception of cancellation (100€) and office expenses (12€). The above event needs to be demonstrated in a reliable way (medical certificate, etc.) If the cancellation occurs after the rental of the accommodation has already started, the total price of the service will not be refunded. If the customer changes the destination, service or time of the reservation, it will be considered as a cancellation of the previous reservation and a new reservation. The seller has the right to charge an additional fee / reservation of at least € 40 for the changes

3. Hiekkasärkkien Majoituspalvelut Oy-the right to cancel the booking

In the case of force majeure Hiekkasärkkien Majoituspalvelut Oy can terminate the contract. In this case Hiekkasärkkien Majoituspalvelut Oy shall as soon as possible inform the customer of the cancellation. Hiekkasärkkien Majoituspalvelut Oy shall return the payment. Hiekkasärkkien Majoituspalvelut Oys liability will be limited to the refunding of paid accommodation only for the customer or switch to another destination. The service provider also has the right to cancel the reservation if the payment has not been made by the due date.

4. The keys, cleaning and bed linen

Accommodation begins at 15.00 o´clock and ends at 12 noon. Customers can get the keys from our office by showing the receipt of the payment of the accommodation. Holiday apartment accommodation rates include free use of the apartment. Accommodation includes three rolls of toilet paper per booking, if the customers need more they need to take care of that themselves. Kitchen paper is not included in the accommodation.

The customer has to take care of the cleaning of the accommodation during the stay and the final clean up. We expect that the client takes care of the following things when cleaning up: rubbish removal , dishes(and emptying the dishwasher), toilet disinfection, stains, putting things/furniture in the right place and making the beds. If you do not want to do the final cleaning yourself, you can ask about ordering the cleaning from Hiekkasärkkien Majoituspalvelut Oy in advance. If cleaning is not ordered in advance and the cabin is not cleaned up, is Hiekkasärkkien Majoituspalvelut Oy have the right to charge a cleaning fee (at least twice the final cleaning fee).

Even if final cleaning is ordered in advance it is required that all the furnitures and other things are in place, garbage can is empty and dirty dishes have been washed or put the the dishwasher. Also the porches and the garden area must be clean. If the end of the stay the cabin is not in the condition mentioned above and we have to clean it before the next customer, we will be charged to the customer according to the cost. If the customer loses the key, we will charge at least 300 € from the customer.

Clients are required to use linen bedding. Bed linen are not included in the rental price. Customers can also rent the bed linen from our office 13 €/set (incl duvet cover & sheet, pillowcase and towel). We recommend to book the linens in advance.If the customer has not used the linen, an additional invoice for washing the bedlinen, will be sent to the booker, at least 60 €.

5. Damages

The customer is obliged to inform immediately/to pay for and its property damage. We will send an invoice afterwards from damages that haven´t been informed to us. The person that has rented the accommodation is responsible from the condition of the holiday apartment during the stay.

6. The number of persons

The resort is not allowed to have more of persons than what is listed in the item brochure. The number of persons is always indicated when making the reservation. It is prohibited to have a tent or caravan in the yard of the holiday apartment.

7. General rules of public order in the Hiekkasärkät cottage area

Hiekkasärkät has general rules of public order rule that must be followed. If, after pointing out the possible disruption to the customer/the disturbance caused by loud noise/music, Hiekkasärkkien Majoituspalvelut Oy has the right to suspend the accommodation in full.

8. Complaints

All the complaints and notices should be pointed out to Hiekkasärkkien Majoituspalvelu Oy immediately.

9. Smoking and pets

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the holiday apartment. We will charge at least 150 € from smoking inside. If the customer has pets with in should be informed in advance. Hiekkasärkkien Majoituspalvelut Oy is not responsible for any unauthorized smoking and animal allergies caused by dust, etc.

10. Removable bath barrels

Bath barrels are strictly prohibited during the accommodation.

We reserve the right to change prices.



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